ZOOM Live Instruction:


We have several collegiate softball players available for individual video instruction conducted for players while at their home.  These NCAA softball players had their spring season shortened, are looking to instruct and this is a GREAT opportunity to take advantage of their skill sets!  Instruction is LIVE via ZOOM and is interactive video feed from our players delivered to your home!!


Each 30 minute lesson is live and interactive.  The college player will instruct each student with specifics that address the players’ needs.  Players will be able to receive live, hands on instruction from their home, in 1-1 instruction setting.  


  • Players can interact with the college player in real time through easy to install video conferencing software.
  • Instructors can deliver instruction and make suggestions in real time to each player.


Players Need:

  • Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop
  • Zoom Video App (or Online Version)
  • Bat or Glove
  • 6-12 Wiffle or Tennis Balls
  • 6-12 Baseballs or Softballs
  • Net or Backstop (to throw and hit into)



  • Partner/Family Member (to help with throwing/hitting drills)
    • Players can perform drills by themselves
  • Solid Wall to bounce tennis balls or wiffle balls


Cost:  As low as $13/per session (with packages)  Packages available.


To Purchase:  


For more information and/or to purchase lessons, you may email us at and as soon as players/parents feel comfortable and/or able, private in-persons are also available.  Instructors accept cash, check, Venmo, Paypal and MC/Visa/AmEx/Disc.