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Tournament Play and Round Robin
by posted 07/04/2020

Warriors and Parents,
The weather will be very hot and humid, so let’s be smart about how we deal with it.
Extreme heat is dangerous, can sap your body of strength, cut your mental sharpness,
and affect your attitude.  Keeping ahead of the heat is essential.  Hydration is one of the
keys, but not the only thing to be aware of.  You must cool your core, thus keeping your
body temperature in a healthy range.  Cold drinks, cold towels, and minimal exposure 
to the sun will help as well.  If you feel lightheaded, or exhausted, let us know.  
I have been with teams that have played up to 5 games in one day, and been just fine,
and I have also seen heat stroke.  Let’s beat the other teams and not let the heat be a 
factor for us.  Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses etc...
Your Loud But Kind Coaching Staff 
PS.  First time on the website, hope it works 

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by posted 01/18/2020

  • Showing Up On Time Matters
  • Body Language Matters
  • Doing Your Job Matters
  • Empowering Others Matters
  • Eye Contact Matters
  • Firm Handshake Matters
  • Giving Your All Matters
  • Keeping Your Word Matters
  • Putting Team First Matters


EVEYTHING You Do Matters

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